Media Requests

On a good day, a journalist runs your story. On a great day, they ask for it. Receive live media alerts from journalists actually looking for help, whether it be competitions, case studies, expert view points or even requests for live interviews.

Journalists and bloggers know they can come to us, to tap into the PR community for content and insight - and they do, 150 times a week.

You can tailor your email alerts by content type, whether it's across mainstream or niche media and by sector, so you only receive those requests relevant to you. Once we've screened them, we send them straight on, and it's over to you to pounce on that opportunity so the journalist gets great content and you get a great new contact.

Key features

Benefits to you

In brief

  • Bespoke media requests.You can tailor your alerts to only receive relevant live media requests.
  • Hear about requests.As they are posted and be among the first to offer comment.
  • Enhance your network.Help out a journalist once, make a great contact forever.

If you already subscribe to our Media Requests service, you can access them or set up and change your settings Online.